Our engineers have over 10 years of combined recording experience and have the highest level of proficiency in various DAW’s. More importantly, we have worked with every walk of life and have experience across a vast number of genres. Guaranteed to have a well guided recording session with an engineer who knows exactly what you want your music to sound like.


One of our most sought out services from Marsten House is audio mixing. With many years of know-how, and an intimate understanding of plugins, we provide industry approved broadcast quality mixes. All mixes have a guaranteed satisfaction policy. You will never leave our facility unsatisfied.

Arugably the most important, yet least understood, steps in the music production process is mastering. This involves assembling final mixes into the proper order, adjusting volume levels of each segment and using a variety of technical processes (EQ, compression, limiting, etc.) to polish the final mixes. When done professionally, mastering optimizes the sonic quality of the final track or album. Although, we do not call ourselves a mastering studio we understand the full process spectrum and offer mastering to all of our clients.


Marsten House offers the ability for you to release your music through Sony Orchard via WhoMag Distribution. Some of the benefits include a vast number of physical and digital retailers worldwide, the hasselfree collection of your royalties on all platforms, and the ability to be right on the front lines of the music industry.

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About Us

Marsten House began its roots back in the summer of 2009. What started as a partnership continued to branch out to become a community. With our powers combined, we aim to be co-creatives, revolutionary educators, and inspirational guides. Our mission, and our key to success in the studio, is to match the artist’s personality to the engineer. We believe that as creatives we are great at a lot of things (rapping, graphic design, recording, producing, instruments, singing, etc.) but we are BEST at just one thing. We aim to bring that thought to the creative process by taking the pressure off of the artist and allowing the creative process to happen as natural as possible. We constantly learn from each other and our clients to constantly move forward in the journey of creating new and motivating content for future generations to come.

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